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Project Approach
Our approach to managing projects is to expect change and focus on providing rapid business value to the client. We do this with a combination of the steps below, adapted to each unique client situation:
Listen: Hear what the client's issues/needs are.
Think: Take what we heard and work with the client to develop a strategy to build the best solution to meet the needs/budget/timeframe.
Design for testing the solution.
Adapt: Has the business needs changed during the project?
Deploy: Train the client to take solution on their own.
Review: Review project to ensure that all is accomplished and client is able to continue with their solution.

Sims Consulting has refined an adaptive approach to project management. As the lifecycle of a project evolves, scope will change due to changing business needs and budgets. Focused on test-ability and change, we implement in a fashion that ensures delivery at or above the customer's expectation, not a "cast-in-stone" approach that many other consulting firms push.

You may hear others talking about this type of approach like it's new or "Extreme" - actually, it's the only approach that makes business sense - and we've been building systems this way sice about 1990.